The person who created the saying “dog is man’s best friend” certainly never had to work with the wrong type or a faulty piece of agricultural machinery.  Any agriculture worker, manager or expert will tell you that good agricultural machinery is man’s best friend. Effective farming is all about having the right machinery at your disposal.  These essential tools are hardly cheap and the more effective, useful or needed the machinery, the more you can expect to dish out for that particular equipment.

Here are five things to ask when buying agricultural machinery so you can be sure to get the best possible equipment and the best value for money.

Is it the right machine for me?

There is no one that knows your exact needs better than you.  You know what equipment you need to help your farm reach its maximum capacity.  At Godings we will listen to your needs and help you select farm machinery that suits that exact need perfectly.  We can also advise on all the right attachments to get for your machinery so you can get the most efficiency from the agriculture equipment.

Is there a way to negotiate the price?

There is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to agricultural machinery.  While you probably won’t be able to knock a whole lot of money off a brand new piece of agricultural machinery, you should be able to negotiate the price of used machinery.  If that doesn’t work then you can always look for ways to write your newly purchased equipment off against your next tax payments which might just enable you to pay a whole lot less.

How can I finance the agricultural machinery?

Most farmers are not in a position to dish out the full amount in cash for new machinery.  There are just too many things on a farm that consumes money and while crops are in the field all your capital might be pending. Godings can help you arrange for financing for the new equipment so you can get the work on the farm done without suffering losses when you don’t have the right tools on hand.

Can I access service records of previous owners?

If you are buying used then you should definitely inquire about service records of previous owners.  These records will give you a good indication of the maintenance the machinery enjoyed and can give you a good idea of whether the previous owner took good care of the equipment or not.  A service record can also give you some clues as to previous breakdowns as well as mechanical complications within the equipment.

What is the product or service warranty?

A warranty can be tremendously helpful, especially when you are buying expensive agricultural machinery like tractors, utility vehicles or construction equipment.  A service warranty can help cover the cost of services or can get your machinery replaced if there is a mechanical problem with the machinery.

While these tips are great for spotting the perfect agricultural machinery and for avoiding terrible mistakes, there is something better you can do to ensure that the machinery you buy is always in great shape and perfect for your needs.  Consult a professional agricultural equipment and machinery company like ours and we will guide you to the right equipment at the best prices. When you use a trusted company like ours you greatly reduce the risk of investing in equipment that isn’t adequate or up to standards, you will get the right farm aid to help you with all of those tough jobs and you can make a huge success of your farm.