It is so important to do proper maintenance on farm machinery.  Farm machinery is hardly cheap and the breakdowns are often just as expensive to repair.  Untimely breakdowns can also affect your productivity and income when you are not able to bring in that harvest on time.  

Safety is a huge issue with machinery that isn’t properly maintained and can result in property damage and operator injuries.  Properly maintained machinery has a much lower chance of breaking down when you need it the most and these machines pose much less risk to those working with them and your resell value is a lot higher when you take great care of your machinery.

So why do so many farmers neglect the maintenance of their machinery when they always end up paying for negligence?  Well, the answer is simple. Most people just don’t know how to properly care for these big, bulky and expensive machines.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your farm machinery is always maintained properly.

Get the Right Operator Training

Most farms have quite a few operators using the same machinery.  It is important to get all operators up to date on maintenance and operation requirements as well as the manager or supervisor.  If everyone knows how to effectively man the farm machinery then the chances of missing out on maintenance are much lower. Employees or operators will also know how to properly handle and maintain their machinery.  

Another good tip is to keep manuals close by so operators can brush up on their understanding of the machine whenever needed.  If manuals are particularly challenging then the maintenance sections should be rewritten in easy to understand terms.

Remember to Lubricate Your Machinery

Lubricants should be used on all moving parts on farm machinery.  Lubricants reduce friction and enhance the life expectancy of machinery and parts.  It is important to use a good quality lubricant and to always clear up dirt and messes found on the machine before adding new lubricant.  Buildups and dirt should be cleared out so your machine parts can run smoothly at all times.

Know the Signs of Wear and Damage

If you know your machine well enough then you should be able to tell the moment something goes wrong.  Vibration, shock, overheating, friction and strange noises are all signs of wear or damage. It is important to keep an eye or ear out for these signs so you can get your farm machinery serviced before a major breakdown happens.

Keep Machinery Clean

It is tough to spot signs of breakdowns and wear and tear when your farm machinery is too dirty.  Keep your machinery clean so you can spot danger signs such as oil leaks and grease build ups easily.  It is also important to do proper cleaning maintenance such as filter cleaning, buildup removal, vacuuming and dusting inside farm machinery so your machinery will look great for a long time to come.

Keep a Schedule

The farm life can be quite busy and it can be easy to forget when a machine is due for a service or for repairs.  Create a schedule of the time your farm machinery should be maintained and keep a track record of previous repairs and maintenance that have been done on the equipment.  

It is also important to keep track of the operators that man and maintain farm machinery so you will know exactly who is slacking off in their job or who is damaging your machinery by working the farm equipment too hard.

With proper maintenance, your farm machinery will stay in great shape for a long time to come and your farm machinery will be much more reliable.