5.4 - 5.6 TONNE

Equipped with superior power and flexibility, the Kubota KX057-4 excavator delivers the performance every operator is looking for. Powered by a Kubota 47.6HP, renowned worldwide for their outstanding reliability, the KX057-4 will give you the confidence to tackle any job with ease.  Redefining the 5.5 tonne class,  the KX057-4 offers the ultimate in performance and luxury in comfort.


New and improved 3 pump load sensing hydraulic system ensures the smoothest operation regardless of load.

Proportional flow control of auxiliary circuit (AUX1 and AUX2) on the thumb along with maximum oil flow settings easily adjusted from the digital panel.

Bucket digging force of 4315KG, to dig faster and more efficiently in the toughest conditions.

Float position adjusts the dozer height to make a clean level when backfilling, simply travel backwards with the dozer in the float position.

Two Pattern Selection System provides the operator the versatility to be able to switch between ISO and SAE Pattern. Great if you have more than one person operating the machine.

Auto idle system automatically reduces RPM’s when control levers are left stationary, reducing noise and increasing cost savings. Also ROPS and FOPS certified for ease of mind when entering any job site.

New fuel filling system when refueling onsite. Press the fuel signal button to monitor filling, beeping accelerates the fuller the tank becomes to avoid spillage.

Rear opening and right side hood opening provide easy access for important daily check and to key compenents for servicing. Also features long lasting steel panels to last the test of time.

Pre-cleaner system fitted to help protect the engine in extreme dusty Australian conditions.

Deluxe interior features suspension seat and ergonomically designed controls provides superior comfort during those long hours in the cab.

New digital panel puts all your functions at your fingertips for operator convenience and records up to 90 days of operation history.

All new auto-shift technology controls travel speed, automatically shifting from high to low depending on traction force and terrain, resulting in smoother operation when dozing or turning.

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