Selling your used heavy equipment isn’t like selling a used mattress or a car. The reason is simple enough: this is heavy machinery; a different beast altogether. It takes experience, skill, and coolness to operate and because of that, you can’t sell it to anyone.

That is why you have to sell it to professionals or put it on a platform that sells it directly to users. If you are inexperienced about this process, then we recommend that you follow these tips below on selling your used heavy machinery.

Selling It By Yourself

If you are looking to sell your used machinery by yourself, there are vital things that you should note first. You have complete control of the price you set and who purchases your machinery, but you will have a small pool of buyers. You will also have to deal with buyers directly, which will take time and bring a world of hassle. Finally, there’s the transportation dilemma of selling your equipment, as it has to get off your property and to the buyer’s.

To An Unlicensed Store

There is always one clear benefit of selling it to a licensed store: they’ll sell your machine, but not at the best price for you. They are going to negotiate with you for the best deal (for both of you) and then sell it at a higher rate to other customers. Sure, you can make a good deal out of them, but you won’t have the control that you would selling it on your own.

Going Online To Professionals

The modern-day option: take some photos and put your used equipment online. The search is broad enough that a range of people that can see your machinery. They also have all the details and key selling points that will make them take another look. There is a convenience with selling the machine: simple payment and direct sales. There is also the risk-free element of dealing with professionals (such as Godings) and you will get a more than a fair market price.

All these options have advantages and disadvantages, so it is down to you how you want to sell your machinery. However, here at Godings, we can make it easy for you. We can put your machinery up on the web so that the most significant online market in Australia can see it. Contact us today if you want to sell your used equipment for the best price.