The Dont’s of Buying Construction Excavators

When it comes to buying excavators for your construction business, there are certain guidelines that you should follow. As we mentioned in a previous article, there are both do’s and don’ts when it comes to buying construction excavators. Since we covered the do’s of purchasing construction excavators, this article will follow the don’ts that you should follow. And when it comes to don’ts, there are three key ones that you should adhere to:

  1. Don’t overlook the potential for reliability and easy use.
    When it comes to using excavators, you want it to be easy to use. There is nothing more annoying that purchasing an expensive piece of machinery and struggling to use it. You should always test out the excavator before purchasing and ensuring that the controls are simple to use. You want reliability when it comes to your machinery and it helps to have easy control systems.

  2. Don’t ignore the importance of the specifications of the excavator.
    Each excavator has its own specifications, including the likes of the weight capacity, the engine power, the bore, the stroke, the dig depth and the bucket capacity. It is important to assess and understand that your excavator is capable of doing before you look to purchase it. These specifications will have a major impact on how your excavator manages its own job, so it is important to understand these factors.

  3. Don’t forget about the additional options.
    Too many people just buy an excavator for their construction business without thinking about the additional options and attachments that they can get when they do. If you are looking to make your excavator work efficiency, don’t ignore the chance to add the following attachments:

    1. Hydraulic hammers

    2. Rakes

    3. Mulchers

    4. Heavy duty buckets

    5. Augers for drilling

    6. Thumbs to grasp items

    7. Rippers

If you were to follow these don’ts, you will be fine when it comes to buying the right excavator for your construction business. For more information on buying excavators, take a read of our “The Do’s of Buying Excavators for your Construction Business” page.