The right farm machinery can do wonders for the efficiency and productivity of a farm as well as for the success of a harvest.  In fact, many farmers believe that the right equipment is the lifeblood of agricultural success. But farming machinery doesn’t come cheap, especially when you are buying quality.  Many farmers will work their machinery to the bone before considering an upgrade. This is actually a huge mistake because regular machinery upgrades can make a huge difference on your farm.

Worn Out Machinery Can Affect Productivity

One of the biggest reasons to upgrade your old machinery is because it can affect productivity.  If machinery is constantly breaking down you can easily end up with a whole lot of unexpected expenses as well as huge delays in your harvests.  

Worn out machinery also involves a lot more work, can be a lot more time consuming to keep in running condition and can be a lot slower when it comes to performance.  All of this can affect your productivity.

Modern farm machinery is designed to be far more effective and could yield much more successful harvests at lower running cost.

Worn Out Farm Machinery Can Be Expensive

Frequent breakdowns can result in regular repair jobs which can be expensive.  It is also expensive when productivity or harvest quality is affected when your machinery isn’t performing correctly.  

Many farmers end up spending way more on repairing worn farm machinery and losing a lot more on harvests than they would have by buying newer modern machinery.

Worn Out Farm Machinery Can Increase Your Stress Levels

It can very stressful to work with worn down machinery.  You always have to be extra careful when you work and you never know when something is going to go horribly wrong.  When things do go wrong – and it will – you have to deal with all the stress of getting your equipment up and running as soon as possible.  

It is also very stressful when you have to rent machinery or borrow machinery from other farmers during emergencies because you have to be extra careful to ensure that nothing happens to that machinery since that could also end up in a whole lot of extra expenses.

Worn Down Farm Machinery Has Higher Labour Force Requirements

Worn down farm machinery is a lot harder to work with and usually requires more employees to operate than modernised machinery.  This is because modern farm tools are designed to be much more effective and to get a whole lot more done in the same go.

With modern farm machinery, you could easily get away with less hand labor and save a lot of money on salaries.

More Unexpected Surprises

Worn down farm machinery also constantly results in a whole lot of unexpected surprises.  Today one thing breaks down, tomorrow it’s another breakdown that you didn’t anticipate. These unexpected surprises can affect your budget, efficiency and profit.

New Machinery is Much More Reliable

Plenty of farmers rely on their machinery to get harvests on the market on time.  With worn down machinery you encounter plenty of delays and unexpected surprises which can affect your reliability.  You can easily end up making promises that you cannot keep or miss golden opportunities.

Good quality farm machinery has many positive benefits to farmers and farm workers and can result in a increased productivity, reduced costs and more profits.

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