When it comes to running your operations, you are going to need utility vehicles that are adaptable, versatile and durable. Thankfully for you, Godings has the selection for you. We know the importance of utility vehicles and that is why we have made sure to provide our clients throughout Melbourne with the opportunity to improve and manage their operations with simplicity and excellence.

Utilities For All Situations.
Throughout our experiences in the industry, our team of professionals have gained the valuable knowledge to understand that every person, or business, needs different utility vehicles to manage their own projects, jobs and situations. That is why the team here at Godings has made sure that we have provide the vehicles to handle all situations. Our selection of Kubota utility vehicles includes the following:

  • RTV X1120 Series

    • Includes the X1120DR and X1120DW models

  • RTV X900 Series

    • Includes the heavy duty and strong X900-A (ATV tyres), X900-H (Heavy duty) and X900G-A models (known as the general purpose vehicle)

  • RTV 1140 Series

    • Considered Kubota’s top of the range utility vehicle. Available in two to four seaters. A unique design

  • RTV 400 Series

    • Includes the popular and compact 400CI-A model. Runs on petrol and is aligned with advanced transmissions

  • RTC 500 Series

    • Includes the quiet and compact 500G-HD model, and is known for its durability on taking on tough terrain with ease.

Dedicated Customer Service Experience.
With our strong selection of Kubota utility vehicles, you know that you get can the vehicle that can have a huge impact on the running of your operations. But we are not just dedicated to providing a strong list; we want to make sure you get the perfect Kubota utility vehicle for your operations. That is what you will experience when you talk to one of Goding’s professionals: a dedicated customer service aimed at making sure you get the right utility vehicle for your situation.

How do you go about this?
That’s easy: all you have to do is call Peter on 0417 518 283 or Clint on 0488 949 249 directly, or feel free to visit us at 2129 Western Hwy Rockbank, Victoria.