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Kubota RTV Utility Vehicles For Sale Melbourne

For the best in utility vehicles in Melbourne, you cannot go past Godings. With over three decades of experience, an eye for detail and an in-depth knowledge of utility vehicles, we can provide you with the complete service. We will combine everything together, so you can get the best utility vehicles for your work or your project. When it comes to providing Melbourne with the best selection of new and old utility vehicles, we are the experts you can trust. We can make the difference for you when you need it the most!

High Quality Selection of Utility Vehicles

In order to provide for all our clients in Melbourne - present and future - we have had to work hard to collect a selection of high quality utility vehicles. Through testing, inspections and constant maintenance, we are able to guarantee that any utility vehicle that you purchase from us will last you for decades to come - and deliver the results you want. Our collection of utility vehicles include the Kubota utility vehicles series:

  • Kubota RTV 400 series
  • Kubota RTV 500 series
  • Kubota RTV X900 series
  • Kubota RTV 1140 series
  • Kubota RTV X1120 series

All our  Kubota utility vehicles series come with the options of being CVT and VHT transmission, as well as petrol and diesel vehicles. This way, we are able to provide you with the full range and the best option for your project and work, as well as your budget.

We Are Here To Help You With Your Work!

So if you are looking to get the utility vehicles that are going to make the difference for your work, your project or your career, then Godings are the experts you can trust. With over 38 years experience, we know what it takes to provide you with the complete service. Contact us on (03) 9747 1359 or visit us at our showroom at 2129 Western Highway, Rockbank today!