Godings understands the plight and the hard work that individuals and companies face in the construction, farming and agricultural industry. We know that there are plenty of issues when it comes to finances and that you need to balance the books. The same applies to machinery and equipment that needs to be used for your operations. How do you go about getting equipment or machinery that helps your business without blowing the budget? Luckily, as experts in the field, Godings has the option for you.

Top Quality Used Equipment.
In our collection, we have a wide range of used and top quality equipment and machinery. We have always believed that too many clients and people just ignore used equipment and vehicles because they believe it is ‘not worth it’. That is why we are happy to take used equipment, add a few finishing touches to the equipment, and make certain guarantees that is it running at 100% efficiency.

Ready to be Collected.
From groundscare equipment to utility vehicles, from tractors to excavators, and everything in between, we have a wide selection of used equipment that is ready for you to collect. All our used equipment is regularly maintained and serviced to make sure when you purchase it, it is ready to use on the first day on the job. That is the type of professionalism and dedication that you can enjoy when it comes to working with Godings.

Used Equipment Waiting to be Collected.
If you want top quality and effectively working used equipment that is affordable and can make the difference when it comes to your operations, check in with the team at Godings. Call Peter on 0417 518 283 or Clint on 0488 949 249 directly, or feel free to visit us at 2129 Western Hwy Rockbank, Victoria.