When it comes to construction, you actually need construction equipment that is going to last. You are going to need equipment that is not going to break down on you, that is going to work at 100% effectiveness and efficiency. So where can you end up getting such top quality equipment that is perfect in delivering results, affordable and of the highest standards? You trust the team here at Godings.

Our Customer Approach.
When we bring in our construction equipment, we make sure that it is constantly checked and kept in primal condition before we hand it over to our customers. It is through our customer service, in which we both make sure we deliver the best results for our clients, as well as provide them with the best construction equipment that we will guarantee that the construction equipment you purchase will be perfect for you.

Wide Selection of Construction Equipment.
We understand that construction companies need a strong and wide selection of construction equipment to make sure they can complete the job that they have on. This is why the team at Godings works hard to deliver a strong and vast selection of construction equipment for all our clients. If you are looking for something to help you with our company’s projects, or if you have a solo project on, you can take a look at our list below:

  • Excavators (KX Series & U Series – Over 12 different weight options)

  • Hammers (Large, Medium and Small Options)

  • Track Loaders (SVL Series)

  • Wheel Loaders (R Series)

Trust The Godings Team.
Don’t waste with other businesses that only care about making money, and don’t care about getting you the best construction equipment for your business and projects. Please feel free to visit us on 2129 Western Hwy Rockbank, Victoria, or better yet, call Peter on 0417 518 283 or Clint on 0488 949 249.