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The Number One Destination For Agricultural Machinery & Groundscare Equipment

Godings has been the destination of choice for Kubota Agricultural and Groundscare Equipment on the western side of Melbourne for more than 38 years. And throughout almost four decades, nothing has changed in terms of our committed customer service, our passion for machinery equipment and our dedication to helping our Melbourne clients.

Even in 2015 when the business was taken over by long term employee Adrian Williams and his wife Amanda, they continued the strong core that Godings has always held. This has only further established our trustworthy reputation throughout Melbourne and within the industry. We are committed to providing a wealth of Kubota equipment, agricultural machinery, and farm machinery sales, to our clients, alongside our dedicated customer experience.

Experts In Providing The Best Farm Machinery Sales

What makes us stand out from the rest is the joy of providing customers with the agricultural machinery they need. Too many other competitors don’t care if you get the right equipment – but we do. We focus on listening to your requirements, your budget and from there, we take you through our collection of farm equipment for sale and we’ll provide you with the right solution. When it comes to our agricultural machinery for sale, we have everything from kubota tractors, groundscare, mowers and excavators. Godings has always placed a strong emphasis on customer service and strives to make your purchase a positive and enjoyable experience. We will find you the agricultural and farm equipment that will make the difference for your project or work.

Specialists In Kubota Machinery – Tractors, Mowers, Excavators

Godings has undertaken significant growth with the introduction of Kubota Construction Equipment in 2014 and continues to serve an extensive Agricultural and Groundscare customer base. Kubota is recognised as a strong and reliable machinery enterprise. That is why we have a strong collection of Kubota excavators, tractors, mowers and groundscare equipment in our store. When it comes to providing Kubota machinery in Melbourne, we are the specialists that you can trust.We have a strong selection of Kubota tractors in our possession, including the likes of large and small Kubota tractors. We have both old and new Kubota tractors in our collection – so regardless of the type of tractor you and the type of budget you have, we can sort it all out for you.

Come Visit Us And Experience The Complete Service In Melbourne

There is no need to worry about going far or wide to find the best farm and agricultural machinery in Melbourne. Godings is located on the Western Highway, the major arterial west of Melbourne heading towards Ballarat. We have a new facility, which was completed in 2013, that houses all our machinery – making it easier for clients to find what they want. We employ 10 full-time staff who are always willing to provide an effective solution to your machinery requirements.

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